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Unknown member
Mar 24, 2022

The biggest item comes from Abyssal Lords which require 115 Slayer to RuneScape gold defeat. These huge demons drop a new melee weapon that is tier 92, called Abyssal Scourge. Abyssal Scourge. It is an update to the legendary Abyssal Whip that was first added to the older MMORPG over seventeen years ago. Effective attacks dealt with the Scourge triggers the Abyssal Parasite effect, extending the duration of all melee bleed abilities.

It isn't just the Lords that offer interesting, unusual drops too. There's a drop for the Abyssal Beasts (105 Slayer) give you one of the Jaws of the Abyss Helmet an 85-tier melee helmet with power armor. Like the others Abyssal Slayer creatures' drops, this empowers the various…

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