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Two Weeks in on Our B2B Campaign

We launched our first B2B connection campaign on March 17th. Yes, we hope the luck of the Irish will bless us in this endeavor. So far, the results have been positive from a connection level, if not from a sales level. The sales side could take months; and that's OK because the world of retail moves at a glacial pace.

For the first few months the focus will be on finding the right people in the retail space who might be open to hearing about a new lacrosse product. Trust me, this is no easy task. There is no playbook to get your product into retail stores. It takes patience, hard work and resourcefulness.

After two weeks we have been able to speak with four people connected to either team sales or retail stores. This alone is a major step forward for a small company like Flip Goalie. Our connection rate is 37.5% and our reply rate is 49.1%. Our partners at #CoPilotAI tell us both of these stats are excellent.

This campaign is set for six months with the first two months targeting retail stores. So far, we like what we see and feel like we are on the right track. More to come soon!

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